Welcome to the Careline Appeal

 The Careline Appeal is a small registered charity which was originally formed over 25 years ago. It has a formal constitution and elected Trustees.                                                                              

The Appeal aims to help support local people in maintaining their independence within the community, by sponsoring the rental and monitoring of a special Lifeline unit. We currently support 52 units, which are linked to Bournemouth Careline and the Aster Careline. By simply pressing a button a call is generated to the Careline and the highly trained Operator will the know who is calling (even if the person is unable to communicate) and can summon the appropriate assistance, provide advice, comfort and reassurance.

We help support the elderly, the terminally ill, victims of crime and domestic violence as well as child carers and their families. In essence anyone who may be vulnerable and in need of some extra support to stay safely, and with peace of mind, within their own homes.

We help support Dorset Young Carers by funding away days, holidays and items that might help make life a little easier for these amazing unsung hero's in our community.

Every penny raised goes to support local people, there are no paid staff and none of the trustees or volunteers claim expenses.

You can help us in a number of different ways:-

  • By making a donation to the Careline Appeal by going to Givey - https://www.givey.com/carelineappeal  or 
  • By organising a fundraising event on our behalf or
  • By simply coming along and helping us to raise money at our various events. 

Which ever you decide to do, please know that it will be greatly appreciated as this support is the life blood of a charity such as The Careline Appeal.